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5 tips to build your resilience

EmotionalResilience can mean different things to everybody, but we see it as what helps to keep you, you! Happy, healthy and enjoying life. It is normal for everyone to need help sometimes, and for everybody to feel down.  But Emotional Resilience is the thing that you have inside you that helps you Ďbounce backí to how you were before, and what helps you stay there. 

5 tips to build your resilience!..

1. Be active!

Use your time to keep active, reading, singing along to music, playing sports.. the possibilities are endless!   Being active keeps your mind working and thinking positive rather than negative. This is partly to do with endorphins Ė the happy hormones that your brain releases when you are physically active! 

2. Surround yourself with the people you love

We all need help and support from someone at some time! Having friends and family around you is important in the best and worst of times. A smile or a hug from a family member or a chat with a friend can have a massive impact on your emotional wellbeing! Smile and make friends - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

3. You can do it!

Believe in yourself and try your best and if it doesnít go according to plan thatís ok! Itís better to try and not succeed than regret not trying at all. Have confidence and just be you, after all life would be boring if everyone was the same!   

4. Everything happens for a reason sometimes you just have to go with it

When something isnít going your way or you feel let down, donít give up! Sometimes there is nothing you can do to change a situation but being open minded and looking for the positive may help.

5. Change is good

Changes happen to everyone from changing your clothes every day to moving house, new friends, new school, having to say goodbye to beloved pets. All changes help us to learn and grow into the person we are. You must remember that most things in life donít last forever and accept that changes will happen but remember this is not a bad thing!

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