The Cumbria HeadStart Promise

Life isnít always easy, but we can make the journey easier.

Children and young peopleís emotional resilience and wellbeing is everybodyís business and responsibility. The Cumbria HeadStart Promise aims to ensure that all places that children and young people go are committed to building their emotional resilience and wellbeing by:

1. Helping children and young people to develop &  maintain positive relationships
2. Highlighting and celebrating achievements
3. Having a laugh
4. Instilling a sense of self belief and helping to take responsibility for themselves
5. Helping them remember tomorrow is another day 
6. Instilling a sense of hope
7. Creating a place that is free from prejudice & discrimination
8. Ask, it wonít harm, listen, it might help

We all have a part to play Ė parents, carers, coaches, youth workers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, teachers, practitioners, GPís, dentists, nurses, police...........everyone!

This promise is about all of us understanding that we can make a difference and create a generation of children and young people that are able to cope with lifeís challenges, however big or small be happy and confident in who they are to reach their full potential.

We need YOU to help spread the word in our communities, please use our promise in your setting.