BLF - The Big Lottery Fund

Fulfilling Lives: HeadStart

We know adolescence is a difficult time for many young people: they move from primary to secondary school, go through changes in their height, weight and appearance, and experience changes to how they feel about themselves and how they feel towards others and changes to the way they think about the world around them.

We also know that for some young people, mental health problems in adolescence increase and that half of all lifetime cases of mental ill health start by the age of fourteen.

BLF wanted to equip young people to cope better with difficult circumstances, preventing them from experiencing common mental health problems before they become serious issues and give young people the knowledge and skills to cope with life’s challenges.

The pilot aimed to test different interventions and set up new ways of working with more co-ordinated services, involving schools, youth clubs, GPs and family intervention services, with the learning helping to change the way future funding decisions are made and influence how services are run in the future.


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