What is Resilience

Rising Every Time We Fall


What is Emotional Resilience?

There are lots of ways to describe emotional resilience:

• Bouncing Back? Bouncing Up? Bouncing Forward?

• Doing better than you’d think given the circumstances?

• Beating the odds whilst also changing the odds.

We like the definition that was coined by the developmental psychologist Masten. She describes resilience as ‘Ordinary Magic’, meaning that in many cases, a resilient outcome doesn’t come about as a result of something particularly earth shattering happening, it’s just everyday stuff, like getting a teacher to give a bit more attention to a particularly disadvantaged child for example.

HeadStart wants to equip children and young people to cope better with difficult times in their lives, help them be better prepared and realise that they can deal with what life throws at them. It’s about the opportunity for and capacity of children and young people – in times of difficulties and challenge – to negotiate for and navigate their own way to resources that sustain their emotional wellbeing.