Our Work

Young Cumbria with support from Clinical Psychologist designed a training package for practitioners working with CYP which look at:
• A basic level of understanding about building resilience and what it involves
• Some shared language around disadvantaged children and young people and support for them, other services and referral processes
• Inspiring ideas based on evidence of what works
• Practical solutions and strategies that practitioners can use to build the emotional resilience of children and young people on a universal level across the appropriate settings
• An understanding of children and young people’s relationship with social media and digital technology
• Co-ordinated ‘reflective practice’ process for targeted groups trained on a 3 monthly basis

This training is available from Young Cumbria

The project offered children and young people a combination of structured group work over 4 sessions and 1-1 support over 10 sessions, learning about emotional resilience and exploring how this relates to themselves. 

 It used creative tools to help engage young people so they could safely express what was happening in their lives and develop understanding of their responses to these experiences. Examples of these tools are: drawing, puppets, sandplay, writing, collage making and play-doh and simple concepts to help understand how our feelings, thoughts and behaviours work together.
Two unique interventions  used were:
1. Black Box (Acu Stimulation) treatment – this involves having small electrical impulses delivered to various points around the ear. This helps the body to produce natural endorphins and serotonin that reduces stress, anxiety, cravings and helps with relaxation.
2. Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) – This involves gentle tapping on Meridian Points and is done by the person themselves. We will teach them the process so they are able to use it outside of the sessions. Tapping is well used globally, backed by scientific research and produces excellent (and quick) results for reducing anxiety, stress, depression, physical pain, cravings and negative thought processes. This technique will empower young people to actively and quickly reduce their own levels of stress and anxiety in a variety of settings e.g. at home or in the school toilets.
Through this work they will gain new coping strategies & effective communication skills, improving their relationships with themselves and others.
For further information contact CADAS

A partnership of 9 high profile Cumbrian arts & culture organisations led by Creative Futures Cumbria developed a number of projects to  build CYP emotional resilience.  The partners included:

Prism Arts, Tullie House Museum & Arts Gallery, Theatre by the Lake, Ashton Theatre Co., Art Gene, Signal Film & Media, Dare Dance and the Brewery Arts Centre.

Delivery was with whole class groups, smaller targeted groups & family members. 

The various activities explored the theme of emotional resilience & enabled CYP to express themselves and articulate their needs; solve problems; question & explore real issues; build confidence to develop coping strategies when dealing with difficult situations; talk confidently about emotional resilience; build enthusiasm to attend groups/activities/clubs out of school.  

Some examples of the programmes include:
• Drama workshops, offering a safe place to explore feelings through the medium of theatre (Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal)
• Digital media and film work (see the reults on our resources page)   (Signal Films, Barrow)
• Working with young disabled people in school exploring emotional wellbeing and communication (Prism Arts, North Cumbria)
• Working with KS3 young people to co-design a drama workshop that can be delivered to children in Year 6 to support transition (Brewery Arts)

• Amazon Dance – looking at Martial Art and Dance practice to teach young women and their mothers about Female Archetypes (Dare Dance, Barrow)

HorseHeard worked with targeted primary aged children to develop strategies to cope better in difficult circumstances within both school and home context through Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL). This mixes the learning opportunities obtained from observing and caring for an animal, playful interaction through “horse agility” activities and group discussion and support; as well as an intergenerational horse riding experience.

Interaction with horses creates a safe environment and opportunity to change behaviour moment by moment and get immediate feedback from the horses. Through individual and group activities the children will have the opportunity to develop confidence and self belief whilst having fun. There is no expectation of experience or previous knowledge. Throughout, there is consistent relating of learning back to school, community and home life, ensuring achievements are celebrated.
The programme consists of:
- an introductory parent /carer and teacher EFL Taster Session supporting the child’s learning during and beyond the programme.
- 4 half-day, weekly educational EFL sessions for the children and resources
- additional family ride option, offered by the stables to the children and accompanying parents and teachers
- feedback and review after each session
- development of online resource

Please contact Heather and James Hardy  for more information and prices.

Mindfulness Practice helps us find a way of becoming ‘tuned in’ to ourselves, to others and the world around us. This enables us to have greater control over the way we respond to life’s challenges and to achieve more harmony and contentment.

It offers an integrative, mind/body approach that helps us relate more effectively to our  experiences. It involves paying attention, with gentleness and kindness, to thoughts, feelings and sensations, with the result that we become more ‘present’ and ‘aware’, less drawn to worrying about the future or re-living the past. 

For further information contact Jo Bentley, Mindful Outlook



Kooth.com is a safe, confidential and non-stigmatised way for young people to receive free counselling, advice and support on-line.  This very popular service is used by large numbers of young people across the country and delivers 1000s of counselling sessions each year.  Staffed by fully trained and qualified counsellors and available until 10pm each night, 365 days per year, it provides a much needed confidential and instant access service for young people aged 10-19.

The site also offers:

·        Booked 1:1 chats

·        Co-produced online magazine

·        Drop in chats with counsellors

·        Group work

·        Moderated Peer Discussion Forums

·        Online self-help tools/information including digital safety

·        Peer Support Boards

·        Secure web-based email

·        Signposting and referrals to local face to face services

Please note - this is a commissioned service and not available to all children and young people at this time

Carlisle and Eden Mind

When consulting with CYP they asked for training for themselves so they could support their friends when they were down or struggling.  As a result Carlisle and Eden Mind developed, with CYP, the Mates in Mind and With you in Mind training packages to be delivered to young people in secondary schools.


The training aims to:

• Develop young people’s understanding of mental health issues, the concept of resilience, tackle stigma and to normalise issues that impact on all our lives.

• Convey the core message that mental health and wellbeing is ‘everybody’s business’ and not the preserve of professionals.

• Empower young people to take positive choices about their own mental health and resilience.

• Empower young people to reach out to their peers, to their family and within their communities to listen, to be helpfully nosey and to give information and informal peer support.

• Help you people understand it is ok not to be ok, sometimes.


Mates in Mind and With you in Mind have developed further to include sessions for Primary and Special schools and also 6th form.

For further information please contact Lynsey Eland at CE Mind


Brathay Trust

‘Moving On Up’  offers an innovative peer to peer mentoring project looking at Transition from Primary to Secondary school.

 The project works with secondary schools to identify year 8 or 9 students to be trained and supported as peer mentors. Young peer mentors will then undertake a six week accredited training programme using existing training resources.

Feeder primary schools will be offered both a universal model of peer mentoring to whole classes and a targeted approach with students being identified by Year 6 teaching staff.

The programme uses a number of activities and interventions which have been co-designed and produced by children and young people as well as residential and day opportunities at the Brathay site in Ambleside.

The learning from the projects has also been used to develop specific programmes for year 5/6 around transition and building self-esteem through outdoor learning.  Why not use this opportunity for your year 5 or 6 residential this year?

A Family Resilience course called 'Bouncebackability' was developed by parent/carers with the support of Carol Cutting from the Family Learning Team to support parent/carers to find ways to develop Emotional Resilience within the family and develop a common language around emotional wellbeing .


The course gives practical ideas and strategies to:

Help support children to ‘bounce back’ from challenges that can arise

Build up confidence and resilience, explore ways to help with understanding, explaining and encouraging – find ways to support autonomy.

Ease the transition from primary to secondary school by exploring practical strategies.

Discover ways to boost self-esteem.

Find out where to get support and help with common issues.


The course is about families learning and having fun together and is creative, easily accessible and practical activities, plus a resource box to take home.


To book a course, contact Community Learning and Skills: Barrow 01229 827972; South Lakes 015396 21031; Carlisle 01228 227305; Eden 01931 716447; Allerdale 01900 706023; Copeland 01946 595476.