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This guidance aims to help you identify what to do, who to contact and where to get help when you have concerns about self-harm in children and young people.  Self-harm can occur in childhood but it becomes increasingly common from early adolescence; for this reason, this guidance uses the term 'young people' as shorthand.

Any child or young person who self-harms or expresses thoughts about this or about suicide must be taken seriously and appropriate help and intervention should be offered at the earliest point. Any practitioner, who is made aware that a child or young person has self-harmed, or is contemplating this or suicide, should talk with the child or young person without delay.

Self Harm and Suicide Alertness Training  - Free!

Do you have direct contact with young people and would like to feel more confident raising, talking and knowing where to help them seek support?

Workshops involve looking together at self-harm & suicide through group discussion, trainer presentation, case studies and sharing experiences.

Workshop content includes:

Looking at local and national context and support

Helping young people and staff to identify, discuss and seek help

Understanding and using the Cumbria Self-harm & Suicide Guidance & Pathway.

Self Harm and Suicide Alertness Training